Stand by Adam Guerrero and Defend the Right to Garden! – YouTube

Stand by Adam Guerrero and Defend the Right to Garden! – YouTube.

Breaking News: Adam Gets to Keep His Front Yard Garden!

Readers of oknow that kitchen gardens and urban homesteading went on trial this week in Memphis when high school teacher, Adam Guerrero, was ordered to remove his garden or face legal action.  Thousands of petition signatures,  facebook likes and emails later, I’m thrilled to report that Adam gets to keep his front yard garden. And it gets even better because the city of Memphis was so impressed by the support Adam and his garden received that it’s going to help him locate a lot in his neighborhood for a new community garden.  I’m proud that the KGI community was able to play such an active role in this case. Thanks to all who supported this campaign. Your efforts combined with those from others from the food garden movement helped send a strong statement that kitchen gardens are not the problem, but are a key part of the solution to healthy and sustainable communities. Thanks and best wishes, Roger

PS: And please remember what your mom taught you: be sure to say thank you. After receiving so many emails from KGI members this week with “Save Adama’s Garden” in the subject header, Judge Potter would probably be quite happy to receive a few with “Thank You.”  You can send them here: