Holistic first aid for the summer season | Yahoo! Green

Holistic first aid for the summer season | Yahoo! Green.

Holistic first aid for the summer season


Summer has unofficially started — and it’s a season where increased outdoor activities can be the source of cuts, bruises, scrapes, dehydration and sunburn.

Cuts and scrapes: Clean wound with cold water and mild soap. Apply crushed yarrow leaves or flowers to the injury to stop bleeding. An ice pack can help bring down swelling and reduce pain.

Bruises: Arnica Montana taken both as homeopathic sublingual pellets and applied externally to the bruise, will reduce swelling and assist with rapid resolution of “black-and-blue” discoloration.

Insect bites: Apply a compress with two to three teaspoons of dried, crushed flower buds of Calendula officinalis (a.k.a. marigold) steeped in hot water, to reduce inflammation and itching. Alternatively, a small amount of tea tree oil can be used for its antiseptic properties, or lavender oil to reduce itching at the site.  (Read more)


5 Ways to Afford Whole Foods on a Budget

5 Ways to Afford Whole Foods on a Budget.

5 Ways to Afford Whole Foods on a Budget

Posted By Dr. Mercola | June 30 2011 | 1,571 views

budget whole foodWhole food — that is to say, unprocessed and unrefined food — has the reputation of being expensive. But there are many ways to add whole food to your diet while sticking to your budget. Seattle PI suggests a few:

  1. Buy seasonal: Fruits and vegetables are both cheaper and tastier when purchased in season.
  2. Use the bulk bins: You won’t pay for packaging, labeling and advertising.
  3. Grow your own: A sunny yard or even a window box can add cheap, fresh food to your plate.
  4. Use your freezer: Stock up and freeze when whole food is on sale.
  5. Reduce waste: Don’t let leftovers go to waste.

To read more about their suggestions, you can click on the link below.


  Seattle PI June 14, 2011