Easy Egg Substitute

No Eggs? Bake with This Instead

You crave a little cake, so you check your pantry and refrigerator for the needed ingredients. All’s good, except no eggs! Here’s what to do…*

If you have zero eggs and need only one: Add two tablespoons of liquid (milk or water…whatever’s in the recipe), plus two tablespoons of flour, plus one-half tablespoon of shortening, plus one-half teaspoon of baking powder. This provides the leavening agent usually supplied by the egg. We tried this substitution in cornbread. It came out a little denser than usual, but it was delicious!

If you don’t have enough eggs: If you’re baking a cake and you’re short one egg, add one teaspoon of baking powder or white vinegar to replace the missing egg. We do not suggest this if eggs are the main ingredient for the cake, like a chiffon or a custard.

For a recipe other than cake: Try this when you’re minus one egg—use one teaspoon of cornstarch plus three extra tablespoons of liquid (whatever you’re using in the recipe).

If you want to halve a recipe: Don’t bother splitting an egg in half. Just use a whole egg.

More tricks for delicious goodies…

*Thanks to Substituting Ingredients: An A to Z Kitchen Reference, Third Edition by Becky Sue Epstein and Hilary Dole Klein (Globe Pequot Press) for help with this tip.




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