Doctors Explain Why They Don’t Eat GMOs

Listen To These Doctors Explain Why They Don’t Eat GMOs
GMOs are created when a gene from one species is combined with another to create something that would not be found in nature or by traditional cross-breeding. Does this sound healthy to you?

GMOs are on the rise in the United States, with 80-90% of commercial crops such as corn and soy being genetically engineered. In Europe it is a completely different story where GMO labeling is a requirement. The very same food companies such as Nestle, Kraft and Hershey, who poured millions of dollars into defeating the ballot in California, DO NOT use GMOs in the European food market.

There is a message there… The health impact of eating GMOs is not well understood but is it just coincidence that since GMOs were introduced in the United States in 1996, and the following nine years saw a nearly 100% increase in the incidence of people with three or more chronic diseases. In a majority of the U.S. there are STILL no laws in place requiring GMOs to be labeled, you probably don’t even know when you’re eating them. Shockingly there is no requirement that the safety of GMOs be guaranteed, or even researched. The research is left up to the manufacturer, as if, companies like Monsanto want to acknowledge the danger of the products they sell! There is significant evidence beginning to surface that GMO foods promote disease.(i) GMOs have increased the use of herbicides, one of the biggest selling points of genetic engineering is the creation of more pest-resistant crops. (Read Full Article)


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