Good Physical Health: Emotional Wellbeing Crucial!

Research proves emotional wellbeing is crucial to good physical health

(NaturalNews)  Much research over the years has shown that a positive emotional state actually has a very strong and profound impact on one’s physical health. Endorphins and the immune system Most people are aware of endorphins, the “feel-good hormones” in the body. Endorphins are a type of natural occurring substance known as peptides or neuropeptides which influence one’s mood, pain and pleasure. When released, they give rise to pleasurable responses not dissimilar to those linked to opiates.

What most people are probably unaware of is that endorphins can also be found in the immune system.

“The astounding revelation is that these endorphins and other chemicals like them are found not just in the brain, but in the immune system, the endocrine system, and throughout the body. When people discovered that there were endorphins in the brain that caused euphoria and pain relief, everyone could handle that. However, when they discovered they were in the immune system as well, it just didn’t fit, so these findings were denied for years. The original scientists had to repeat their studies many times to be believed,” said Candace Pert, PhD, former Chief of the Section on Brain Biochemistry of the Clinical Neuroscience Branch at the National Institute of Mental Health.

In other words, emotions are not just purely psychological, but actually have a direct impact on the functioning of different systems of the body, including the immune system. (READ FULL ARTICLE)


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