Chickory Curbs Appetite

This Tea Curbs Your Appetite

Friday, March 21 , 2014
Category: Food

DOC-17408 - © - th foto-werbungIf you’re trying to drop a few pounds, it’s nice to have a little help. Here’s an herb tea that can curb your appetite, quell your cravings and flush out the fat cells.

Chicory root has long been used to boost digestion…and, when roasted, as a delicious replacement for coffee (just in case you’re trying to kick the caffeine habit, too). If you can’t find ground chicory root at your local health-food store, you can order it online.

To make a tea, steep one teaspoon of ground chicory root for 10 minutes in an eight-ounce cup of just-boiled water, then strain. If you’re using roasted chicory root, try brewing it like coffee. (Use a little less than your usual amount of coffee—it’s strong stuff!) If you have whole chicory root (not ground), simmer about a tablespoon of pieces for 15 to 20 minutes, strain and drink. Use a little stevia if you need a sweetener.

Drink one cup daily before breakfast to give your metabolism a boost…and to break up your relationship with doughnuts.



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