GMO-Free Cheerios?

Cheerios To Go GMO-Free
By Ashley Curtin
Under pressure from activists and consumers alike, General Mills announced that Cheerios, its longstanding legendary breakfast cereal, is now a GMO-free product.

The Minneapolis-based company will begin sourcing ingredients free of genetically modified organisms. While the oats used to manufacture Cheerios weren’t genetically modified, General Mills said that it switched from using beet sugar in its original recipe to non-GM cane sugar and corn starch. The announcement was made on Thursday in which General Mills confirmed that the change was made to the product a few weeks ago, but that its other products weren’t affected by this change.

A spokesperson for Cheerios declined to comment on the exact date the change went into effect, according to USA Today.

The new boxes of Cheerios will bare a non-GMO label that reads, “Not Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients.” General Mills said the decision was made despite the fact that it acknowledges that there is no evidence that current varieties of biotech crops pose any health or safety risk to people,” according to the website,

While General Mills said the decision was their own, the company has been under pressure from anti-GMO activists, such as Green America—a non-for-profit membership organization campaigning to create a “socially just and environmentally sustainable society.”

In a campaign aimed to provide tools and resources to help verify non-GMO and alternatives to genetically engineered foods for people to make better food choices, GMO Inside took action against General Mills in “No GMOs, Cheerios!”  The Green America Campaign, which began a year ago, called on General Mills to “make a fresh start and align its actions with its declared core values,” according to GMO Inside’s website.

The No GMOs, Cheerios! was an ongoing and successful letter-writing campaign to General Mills CEO Kendall Powell. GMO Inside not only pressured the company to remove GMOs from all its manufactured products starting with Cheerios, it continued to ask General Mills to stand up and become a leader in its industry by testing for and labeling all GMO ingredients in all its products. The campaign also encourages General Mills to end its opposition against GMO labeling and instead start to encourage the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) to push for state and federal labeling initiatives.

As General Mills announced its phase-out of genetically manufactured ingredients in the manufacturing of Cheerios, many activists, consumers and industry experts wait to see if this change would create a ripple effect in the food industry.

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