Ginger: Ultimate Brain Food
Originally published September 17 2013
Ultimate brain food – Increase memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and protect against multiple sclerosis with ginger
by Carolanne Wright
(NaturalNews) Ginger root is a well-recognized health marvel, mending everything from inflammation to cancer to diabetes. But did you know that it can also improve brain function? In our demanding world, acute cognitive ability is essential. Fortunately, ginger is an outstanding ally in the quest for enhanced memory and clarity. Moreover, it plays a substantial role in guarding against brain oxidative stress and neurological disease.

Wonder remedy
As a functional food, ginger is hard to beat. Used throughout the world as a delicious culinary ingredient, it also has a long track record of healing benefits. Ginger has been shown to:

– Reduce pain
– Prevent diabetes

– Defeat cancer
– Heal bacterial and fungal infections

– Tame inflammation
– Soothe nausea

– Lessen the effect of toxic chemicals
– Treat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

– Protect against radiation
– Improve cardiovascular health

– Defend against the risk of stroke
– Curb migraine headaches

And there’s more. Current research has shown ginger can help make you smarter and protect against neurological afflictions too. (Read Full Article)


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