Work Got You Stressed?

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Work Got You Stressed? Let GHEALTH_STRESS3o Using These Timely Tips
By Paula Eder
On January 18, 2013

Stress is part of everyone’s life and work. Whether you work for someone else, run your own small business, or are a solopreneur, the better you manage your work stress, the happier and more productive you’ll be in all facets of your life. So, while stress may be here to stay, it doesn’t have to be in the driver’s seat!

Work Stress and How to Relieve It

First, it’s important to identify the source of your stress. Work stress usually falls into any one of four categories:

• Work overload and overwhelm,
• Difficult co-workers,
• Overly demanding or unreasonable bosses, and
• Anxiety stemming from uncertain economic times

The list may seem overwhelming in and of itself, but the good news is that there really are things that you can do to relieve these stressors. And many of them are things that you can put into action right away for yourself.

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