In the News: Farmer v. Monsanto Inc!

FOODS_BIG-AG-BULLYPORTER COUNTY, IN — A farmer from Porter County, IN, is facing off against agri-giant Monsanto in a Supreme Court case.  The company is suing the 75-year-old farmer for planting cheap-grade soybeans that are typically used for feeding livestock.Monsanto asserts the power to copyright lifeforms and control what is done with them after they are sold. Patented seeds and animals are not permitted to reproduce, and Monsanto’s aggressive legal team makes sure to punish farmers who violate their policy.The case will have rippling effects across the farming industry and throughout patent law.

I won’t hold my breath on a win for the farmer. The Federal government heavily favors Monsanto. Obama appointed a Monsanto executive to be the head of the FDA. One of the Supreme Court justices is an ex-Monsanto lawyer. People need to vote with their dollars and boycott all Monsanto products.

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  1. roberthenryfischat said,

    February 20, 2013 at 3:49 am

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    monsanto better find cover.

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