FYI: TSA Backscatter Machines Not Eliminated!

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Don’t Be Confused: Backscatter Machines Are Not Being Eliminated

Posted By ANH-USA On January 22, 2013 @ 2:00 pm

rapiscanThe “naked body” airport scanners are being scrapped—but that does not mean the end of dangerous x-ray airport screening machines. Action Alert! [1]

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has agreed to drop its contract with OSI Rapiscan, manufacturer of the airport body scanners that produce a naked image of travelers, because of privacy concerns. This really isn’t much of a victory, however. TSA has signed a new contract with a different manufacturer of scanners, whose machines will still have the radiation backscatter problem we reminded you about last month [2].

TSA decided to end its $5 million contract with OSI Rapiscan because the company couldn’t meet its congressionally mandated deadline [3] to address privacy concerns and create software that showed images of travelers that would be more generic and less explicit. TSA had already decommissioned a third of Rapiscan’s backscatter machines and will now get rid of the remaining 173 [4].  (Read more)

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