Avoid Petrochemicals in Products

How to Avoid Petrochemicals in Products
November 17, 2012

ENVIRONS_CHEM-WARN'GMost people are really aware of the world effort to go green, and we are also greatly aware of our own personal health as well. Because of both of these issues, you need to know how to avoid petrochemicals in products. This is actually a little harder than you might imagine.

Products Petrochemicals are Found In

Petrochemicals are of course found in gasoline and oil, but it is also found in numerous cosmetics, skin lotions, and a variety of other products that you most likely use on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, petrochemicals can even be found in tap water, which is absorbed through the skin when showering, or ingested when drinking tap water or eating foods that were cooked in tap water, or off of dishes that were washed with tap water. This is why installing water filters in your home is essential.

Many types of health related products also contain petrochemicals. Some of these include denatured alcohol and Benzyl alcohol. Many baby bath products also contain petrochemicals.
Are There Similar Products without Petrochemicals?

Fortunately, despite how many of the products that you use regularly contain petrochemicals, you can find alternatives to those products. Look for organic products, especially when it comes to any product that will be ingested by you or applied to your skin in any form or fashion. This is essential not only for your health, but also for the environment as a whole.

You must also consider the packaging when you look for products, because many plastic containers are made with petrochemicals. Look for products that use recycled materials, or products that are in materials that you can recycle. Also consider how you might repurpose a container for additional use – preferably lifelong use – so that you do not have to throw it out when you are finished with the product that it contained.

How to avoid petrochemicals altogether

Avoiding petrochemicals altogether will be extremely difficult. For example, if you drive a car, you most likely cannot avoid these chemicals completely. However, you can reduce your consumption of them, and work towards making the world a greener place while improving your health and the health of others.

First, make it a point to read all labels for all products that you buy. The majority of people have no idea what ingredients are contained in the products that they use daily. Do you know what is in your dish soap or laundry detergent? Do you know what is in your household cleaning products? What about what is in your antifreeze or the degreaser that you use on your driveway?

Learn to read labels carefully, and make it a point to find out what those ingredients are, and what harm they can cause, and then seek out alternative products as often as possible.

Link:  http://www.methodsofhealing.com/how-to-avoid-petrochemicals-in-products/

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