BLACK FOODS: Like a pallet of colors all mixed, all the phytonutrients from other colored foods are concentrated
in BLACK FOODS, making them superfoods, a nutrition POWERHOUSE.

They have more of everything. More anti-oxidants, more anti-inflammatory properties, more phytonutrients, more minerals, more vitamins, more isoflavones, more, more

What They Do
– Strengthen your kidneys
– Rebuild and strengthen bones
– Higher level of anti-oxidants to fight cancer
– Anti-tumor, anti-viral
– Super immunity booster
– Increase and regulate metabolic process

Some Examples of BLACK FOODS:  Black plum, black potatoes, blackberries, black currants, black carrots, black grapes, black olives, black cabbage, black mushrooms, black quinoa, black beans, black sesame seeds … what other black foods can you think of … ?


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