FYI: Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts: The Truly All-Natural Laundry Detergent
October 8, 2012
Written by Kirsten Hudson

We’re not nuts! You really can swap out this type of nut (it’s actually more closely related to a berry) for your usual laundry detergent.

Several varieties of plant berries, also known as soap nuts, soapberries or soap pods, release saponins, plant glucosides that form soapy lathers, when mixed with water. Like regular soap, these berries work as a natural surfactant, removing grime, oil and stains from clothes. Crazy cool, huh?

These soapy sensations aren’t really nuts at all. They’re actually closely related to the Lycii or Goji berry, and they form hard nut-like shells when dehydrated. Native to India and Nepal, the plant species that produces soap nuts includes Sapindus mukorossi, Sapindus trifoliatus and Sapindus saponaria. (In case you’re into proper names.) (Read more)

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