GMO Sweet Corn

GMO Sweet Corn — Anything But Sweet!

August 29, 2012

For many of us sweet corn has been a cornerstone of summer meals and a symbol of the fall harvest and Thanksgiving since we were children. However, this once benign treat has gone through a radical change. In 2011, Monsanto announced their plans to grow genetically modified sweet corn on 250,000 acres in the United States. The harvest from these GMO (genetically modified organism) fields will account for 40 percent of the sweet corn market in 2012.

Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn is bred to resist Monsanto’s own Roundup herbicide and to produce its own insecticide. Bt toxin, the regulated insecticide that is produced systemically throughout the corn plant, ensures that if an insect consumes any part of the plant it dies.  The inherent environmental and health concerns associated with eating an experimental food that produces its own insecticide has not been lost on American shoppers.

Concerned consumers around the country have been working diligently to protect this staple by petitioning major retailers to ask them to commit to not selling GMO sweet corn. Over half million signatures and letters were gathered by food safety non-profits in early 2012. The Non-GMO Project encourages you to take action to help keep this corn off of your plate and out of our farmers’ fields.


1) Learn more – Visit our GMO Sweet Corn Information Page

2) Leave a note at your local farmstand explaining your concerns about GMO sweet cornDownload a letter to leave at your local farmstand

3) Speak with your local retailer – Download a flyer for retaile


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