IPS: Children Treat As Lab Rats!

 IPS – Children Treated as Lab Rats
August 18, 2012

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India , Aug 14 2012 (IPS) – Four-year-old Deepak Yadav, a mentally disabled boy from Indore city in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh, was being treated for stomach problems at Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, a government hospital for children attached to the M. G. M. Medical College.

(Right to left) Clinical trial victims with medical right activist Dr. Anand Rai. Credit: CTVA, Indore.

But when repeated administration of the anti-ulcer drug Rabeprazole started to exacerbate his condition, his parents stopped treatment and sought help from the Clinical Trial Victims Association (CTVA), which discovered that the boy had been a lab rat for an untested drug.

“We should have been told an unknown drug was being tested on our innocent child and given the choice to say no,” Deepak’s father Sooraj told IPS.

Deepak is now almost entirely reliant on his mother for survival. The family is poor, yet “doctors did not take any steps to get us compensation,” his father added.

This family’s tragic story is just one example of a sinister pattern unfolding across India.

A spate of deaths over the last four years caused by illegal clinical trials of untested drugs has ignited the wrath of rights activists and prompted prominent legal institutions to consider tightening the country’s drug regulation laws. (Read more)


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