Environs: Rotting Sardines Block Japanese Port

NBC: Ocean stained with blood at Japanese port city — Gizmodo: “The scariest thing is that no one is sure why this is happening”; 200 tons of dead sardines (PHOTOS)

June 10, 2012

Rotting Sardines Block Japanese Port
NBC Chicago
Reena Roy
June 7, 2012

A bloody surf has turned a Japanese port city into a dumping ground for rotting fish.  Tons of sardines began washing up onto Chiba Shore in Isumi City on June 3 and continued into this week,   according to Japan Today.

The Ohara fishing port was reportedly covered with the dead fish, the ocean stained with their blood

The reason for the phenomenon has not been confirmed.

This Beach Is Made from the Blood and Bodies of 200 Tons of Dead Sardines
Casey Chan
June 7, 2012


In Japan, there’s a scary sight on a port in Isumi City of Chiba Prefecture. The ground has been covered by 200 tons of dead, rotting sardines and the ocean has been stained red with their blood. It looks like a beach from hell.


The scariest thing is that no one is sure why this is happening, some are saying it’s a lack of oxygen, others are pointing to it as an omen for another disaster.

Link:  http://enenews.com/nbc-a-bloody-surf-has-turned-a-japanese-port-city-gizmodo-ocean-stained-with-blood-of-200-tons-of-sardines-the-scariest-thing-is-that-no-one-is-sure-why-this-is-happening-photos


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