10 Common, Natural Household Ingredients to Clean Your Home

10 Common, Natural Household Ingredients to Clean Your Home 

The Why:

Green Cleaning BottlesConventional cleaning products are packed with a variety of ingredients, many of which are toxic chemicals that threaten our health and our environment.  Safe, green cleaning is easier than you may think!  Here are 10 common household products that can keep your life clean and healthy:


  1. White Vinegar: A must-have for natural cleaning.  Kills mold, bacteria, and germs.  Mix with equal parts of water, add some essential oils, and you have a safe cleaner for your home!
  2. Baking Soda: Can be used to remove odors and whiten sinks or bathtubs, or pour down drains weekly to prevent clogs.
  3. Cornstarch:  Fabulous for removing or lifting greasy/oily stains from fabric – rub the stain with cornstarch, let sit and wipe with a dry washcloth.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: A powerful disinfectant that is great at removing stains, especially blood.
  5. Lemon Juice: Helps to remove stains and odors and leaves a fresh scent – try rubbing a cut lemon on countertops and cutting boards.
  6. Olive Oil: An effective, natural wood polish.  Mix 3 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar for a polish that cleans and moisturizes wood.
  7. Essential Oils: A simple way to create a chemical-free fragrance for your home cleaning projects – add a few drops to your all-purpose cleaner and you’re ready to go!
  8. Salt: Great as an abrasive for scrubbing and removing mildew.  Try combining baking soda and kosher salt for removing tough grime.
  9. Club Soda: An effective stain remover for carpets (especially for pee stains and odor!), and effective at removing rust.
  10. Rubbing Alcohol:  Good for removing ink stains, permanent marker, and cleaning greasy mirrors!

Need some green cleaning recipes to make your own products?  Check out HMN’s Cookbooks: Growing Healthy Families and Many Paths, One Journey to Health!


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