Eat Healthy to Defend Against Toxics

Eat Healthy to Defend Against Toxics.

Eat Healthy to Defend Against Toxics

Okay – we know you’ve heard this one before. The benefits of a healthy diet are well known: good nutrition and reducing your weight are so important for the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and numerous other conditions.

But there’s another benefit too!  There is emerging research to show that good nutrition can also improve your body’s ability to defend against the effects of toxic chemicals, and actually reduce your body’s vulnerability to the toxic assault we all experience. So, if you get stressed about being exposed to toxic chemicals in your everyday life, especially when some of these exposures are out of your control, you can take the reins back by eating healthy and improving your defenses.

As we mentioned, the science is still emerging – so, unfortunately, we won’t be prescribing a new WVE diet for you! For now, here are some (familiar) good eating tips you can use as a guideline:

  • Reduce consumption of processed foods
  • Increase consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains
  • Avoid foods with saturated fats

And now you’ve got even more reasons to stick with it!

Check out this recent article from Environmental Health Perspectives for more information on the benefits of good nutrition to counteract the effects of environmental pollutants.


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