Natural Foods are Not Organic, Often Contain GMOs and Other Toxins

Natural Foods are Not Organic, Often Contain GMOs and Other Toxins | NationofChange.

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The continued growth of the certified-organic products sector truly is revolutionizing the modern food system in many positive ways, and changing the way people view food and health.  But along with this positive growth has come the not-so-positive growth of a highly-deceptive, unregulated “natural” products sector which churns out food and personal care products that are oftentimes loaded with toxic chemicals, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), and many other distinctly conventional additives that health-conscious individuals are seeking to avoid.

Many Natural Newsreaders will recall our story on the shocking breakfast cereal report released by the Cornucopia Institute last fall that exposed many popular “natural” breakfast cereals as containing GMOs, pesticide and herbicide residues, and other toxins (  Well, it turns out that the problem is not isolated to just breakfast cereals, as all sorts of “natural” products contain the same unwanted ingredients and additives as conventional products — and yet these “natural” varieties are being sold to consumers at a premium as if they were something special.

To add in­sult to in­jury, many pop­u­lar nat­ural and or­ganic re­tail­ers like Whole Foods Mar­ket con­tinue to sell these GMO-laden, pes­ti­cide-con­t­a­m­i­nated “nat­ural” prod­ucts to un­sus­pect­ing cus­tomers who be­lieve such prod­ucts are health­ier than their con­ven­tional coun­ter­parts.  The truth is, many of these “nat­ural” prod­ucts are ex­actly the same as con­ven­tional prod­ucts, but have sim­ply been dressed up in “green” pack­ag­ing to fool cus­tomers. (Read more)


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