Common Vaccine Ingredient Linked To Kidney Injury
March 12, 2012

[reprinted with permission by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Original title: “Common vaccine ingredient implicated in NEJM article as causative in serious type of kidney disease.”]

A June, 2011 New England Journal Of Medicine article titled “Early-Childhood Membranous Nephropathy Due to Cationic Bovine Serum Albumin”[1] recently caught my attention. Namely, because it admits the plausible association between circulating cationic bovine(cow) serum albumin (BSA, a common vaccine ingredient) and a very difficult-to-treat form of kidney disease called idiopathic membranous nephropathy (IMN). Skeptics often demand peer-reviewed articles to support the fact that vaccines cause bodily harm. Often, while we know what we see in front of us, “scientific” proof is non-existent due to lack of motivation by researchers in exploring the likely associations.

Well, here in one of the world’s most respected medical journals lies some very interesting information, and it was conducted by two renowned nephrologists. Dr. Giuseppe Remuzzi is an expert in the field of protein trafficking within the kidney, and Dr. Pierre Ronco is a well-known and highly respected nephrologist.

First, let me explain what nephrotic syndrome and membranous nephropathy are. Nephrotic syndrome is a condition where the kidneys leak large amounts of protein into the urine and is defined in detail HERE. The term just describes a clinical condition that can have one of several causes. This article discusses one cause called membranous nephropathy. (Read more)


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