The Telecom Industry Downplays The Dangers of Cell Phones

The Telecom Industry Downplays The Dangers of Cell Phones.

How the Telecom Industry Seeks to Confuse About the Dangers of Cell Phones
Posted by: Dr. Mercola | November 12 2011

A new BMJ study being widely circulated in the media claims to have found no association between long-term use of cell phones and brain or central nervous system tumors, but the study was deeply flawed and misleading.

The BMJ study excluded the heaviest cell phone users — more than 300,000 business users, which represented nearly 30 percent of the original group – which skews the results significantly.

A cell phone “user,” as defined by the study, was anyone who made one call a week for 6 months, which again does not reflect the true risk of heavy cell phone use that is commonplace today.

Cell phone studies are commonly spun by industry to support cell phone safety, when in fact closer analysis reveals increased cancer and other health risks.

The science is very clear, and many worldwide health agencies, now concur, that the cancer risk from cell phones is real, and steps should be taken immediately to minimize your risk. —– By Dr. Mercola

A new report published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) claims to have found no association between long-term use of cell phones and brain or central nervous system tumors.

But like the Interphone study, which also initially reported no link between cell phones and brain cancer, this finding is seriously flawed and only adding to the false shroud of safety that the telecom industry is seeking to create.

As Devra Davis, PhD, cancer epidemiologist and president of the Environmental Health Trust, stated, the BMJ study results are “unsurprising, biased and misleading,” and:      “From the way it was set up originally, this deeply flawed study was designed to fail to find an increased risk of brain tumors tied with cellphone use.”

BMJ Study Excluded Heaviest Cell Phone Users from the Analysis

The BMJ study, “Use of mobile phones and risk of brain tumours: update of Danish cohort study,” is a follow-up to an earlier Danish analysis of 358,403 mostly male cell phone subscribers over the age of 30 during the period 1990-2007.

Unfortunately, the study simply extends the flaws found in the original study (which incidentally also found no cancer risk) by not only taking into account the fact that cell phone use and wireless exposure has changed dramatically even in the last few years, but also not including those most at risk of cell phone damage in the report: heavy business users.

Davis explains:

“In order for any study of a relatively rare disease like brain tumors to find a change in risk, millions must be followed for decades. By extending an earlier analysis on the same group of cellphone users this new report provides unsurprising, biased and misleading conclusions.

It uses no direct information on cell phone use, fails to consider recent and rapidly changing nature of and exposure to microwave radiation from cellphones, cordless phones and other growing sources, and excludes those who would have been the heaviest users—namely more than 300,000 business people in the 1990s who are known to have used phones four times as much as those in this study.”  (READ FULL ARTICLE)



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