How to Feed a Family of Six on $35 Per Week |

By Jennifer Reynolds, eHow Contributor
How to Feed a Family of Six on $35 Per Weekthumbnail

Feeding a family on a tight budget is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Much of your local grocery store fare — the processed, prepackaged foods — may have an appealing price tag but actually offers mostly empty calories and very little nutritional value. With some careful planning and a change of your shopping habits, you can feed your family of six healthy, delicious and satisfying meals on a budget of as little as $35 per week.



Things You’ll Need

  • Meal plan
  • Garden
  • Freezer
    • 1 Go to the grocery store with a list, weekly meal plan, and only the money you have set aside for your budget.
    • 2 Buy meat in bulk directly from a local farmer.
    • 3 Grow your own vegetables. Setting up a small garden in your backyard takes work, but it will impact your grocery bill.
    • 4 Pay attention to coupons and sales.
    • 5 Cook your own meals from scratch.  (Read Full Article)

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