GMO salmon farm called ‘drug factory’ – CBC News

GMO salmon farm called ‘drug factory’ – Prince Edward Island – CBC News.

Urgent Alerts

Stop Frankenfish & Farmed Salmon Drug Factories!

If you’ve read our article “The 10 Freakiest Things About Frankenfish,” you’re probably saying, “OK, you got me at ‘Frankenfish.’ I’m not eating GMO salmon!” But, if you need one more reason to tell the Obama Administration not to give AquaBounty’s eelpout-salmon combo the green light, consider this:

AquaBounty salmon grow deformed and diseased because their DNA is scrambled and they mature at an unnaturally fast rate. Then, these mutant aquatic lifeforms have to be raised in in-land tanks to reduce the chance that they’ll escape and decimate wild salmon populations. The fish farms they’ll be raised in will be virtual drug factories; loads of antibiotics will be used just to keep the fish alive until harvest.

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