Update: Planned Nuke-Waste Dump!

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Japanese Government Plans to Dump Radiated, Strontium-90-Rich Groundwater into Pacific
All trust has been shattered. It isn’t as if the Pacific Ocean needs more radioactive mire, but the Japanese government is trying to dump their poisoned ground water into an ocean that is already quickly dying.  A senior scientist at MIT, Ken Buesseler, and co-author of Japan’s Continuing Nuclear Nightmare says, “ultimately you can’t keep putting contaminated water in tanks. You are going to have to decontaminate and release some of that water. There’s a finite amount of real estate . . .” but Tepco isn’t decontaminating that water. They simply don’t have the resources to do it. High strontium-90 levels found in groundwater are simply going to be redirected to the Pacific if the government gets approval.

My question is whose approval? Who ultimately is in charge of saying, “sure you can put so much poison in the ocean, it will never be able to support life again, and while you’re at it, go ahead and start watching that toxic, radioactive sludge travel up the food chain, until it reaches human beings, and kills them off faster than the plague.” The Nationwide Fisheries Foundation has been called upon to support the dumping, ‘as long as the water’s contamination level is far below the legal limit,’ one that has been recently changed by governments around the world.

While the measure is an attempt to keep the toxic water from piling up in tanks, it certainly isn’t a wise decision to dump it into the ocean, especially since Tepco has been imprudent in reporting the true levels of contamination up to this point. Officials are requesting a more stringent level of – how shall we put this – appropriate contamination compared to legal limits before releasing the water into the ocean, but most of us are well appraised, there are no longer any safe levels of radiation in the Pacific – sea lions, whales, deep sea squid, lantern fish, sardines, sea stars, and even plankton are showing up with radiation poisoning and dying on our shores.

Enough already. Japan, and the rest of the world – wake up! You are killing life on earth as we know it. Or maybe that was the plan all along.

Article Link: http://www.nationofchange.org/japanese-government-plans-dump-radiated-strontium-90-rich-groundwater-pacific-1391957136

Update: CA Kelp Watch 2014

Kelp Watch 2014 on California Coasts to
Measure Radioactive Contamination from Fukushima


Utilizing huge samples of sea kelp taken off the California Coast a program titled “Kelp Watch 2014” will keep vigil on the highly fragile ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean, and the fallout to this region caused by the Fukushima disaster.

The short term monitoring system comprised of scientists from California State University and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, initiated by CSULB Biology Professor Steven L. Manley and the Berkeley Lab’s Head of Applied Nuclear Physics Kai Vetter, will measure kelp which could be contaminated by radioactive waste being brought in by sea currents from Del Norte to Baja.

Kelp vitality is a good measure of the overall health of the Pacific Ocean. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states:

“. . .kelp may experience reduced growth rates and reproductive success in more toxic waters and sediments. Studies on microscopic stages of kelp suggest that kelp is sensitive to sewage, industrial waste discharges, and other causes [radioactive disasters] of poor water and sediment quality.”

Samples will be taken many times throughout the year and sent to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Low Background Facility to be analyzed. Findings will be published for the public to see.

Dr. Vetter commented on the objectives on the project:

“UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab’s analysis within the new Kelp Watch initiative is part of a larger, ongoing, effort to measure Fukushima related radionuclides in a large variety of objects.  We have two main objectives—to learn more about the distribution and transport of these materials in our world, and to make the results and explanations available to the public.”

If the team of scientists and over 19 government and academic agencies involved in the project follow through with their promise, this will be some of the first transparency involved in reporting Fukushima contamination on our own shorelines. Dr. Vetter elaborated:

“Making our results available is a critical aspect of our work as it allows us to address concerns about Fukushima radiation levels and to explain the meaning and potential impact of these levels,” he added, “particularly in the context of the natural radiation background we are exposed to in our daily lives.”

Governments worldwide, however, have raised the ‘safe’ radiation contamination levels, and many argue that this has been done without a sound scientific basis. Even low –levels of radiation exposure can be lethal. The National Research Council of the National Academies talks about the problems with ‘high level radiation exposure’ and ‘absorption rates’ taking into consideration breaks in exposure that would allow an ecosystem or human being to ‘recover’ from said exposure, but if the estimates of 93 billion becquerels of cesium 137, strontium 90, and other radioactive particles being dumped into the ocean daily at Daiichi are even slightly correct, the measurements of sea kelp along the California Coast will indeed be telling.

Energy News: A Fukushima Report

ENENews.com – Energy News    
« Senior Scientist at MIT Event: Japanese scientists censored — Not allowed to publish research that compared Fukushima to Chernobyl — Fukushima ‘arguably’ bigger 

 Navy Officers on TV: “My body is falling apart” after Japan rescue mission, his right side “just didn’t work” — Another “can no longer use his legs” and unable to urinate — If 300 times normal radiation is OK, I don’t know what to tell you »

FUKUSHIMA_01-24-14Newspaper ignores scientific models that show Fukushima radiation impacting West Coast — Fails to inform readers by only reporting on discredited tsunami wave-height map — “What illness of the mind must people have to lie about the threat?” (ACTUAL FORECAST MODELS)
Published: January 24th, 2014 at 2:15 pm ET
By ENENews

The Province, Jan. 23, 2014: Without actual things to worry about, too many people these days are making up or exaggerating risks. Our recent story on the Fukushima Disaster is a good example. That was a terrible event, but what illness of the mind must people have to lie about the threat to B.C., even going so far as the misrepresent a wave-height map of the Pacific to pretend it shows that dangerous radiation is flowing to our shores?

Discredited tsunami wave-height map. See below for credible models that forecast the spread of Fukushima radiation across the Pacific Ocean.

The Province, Jan. 20, 2014: This map, supposedly showing radiation spreading across the ocean from Japan, was one of the most widespread pieces of Fukushima (mis) information — it was also one of the easiest myths to debunk. [...] [NOAA] spokeswoman Keeley Belva confirmed the map doesn’t show the spread of radiation. According to their website: “This image was created by NOAA’s Center for Tsunami Research and graphically shows maximum wave heights of the tsunami generated by the Japan earthquake [...] The map has become “an oceanographer’s in-joke,” according to Robin Brown, manager of ocean sciences for Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Two months ago, Brown gave a seminar to 40 oceanographers and showed a slide of the infamous NOAA map with the headline, “West Coast Fried by Radiation.” The room burst out laughing, Brown said, but their chuckles were “tinged with a bit of sadness.”

In reality, the Fukushima radiation forecast models published by scientific journals, governments, and universities show a more troubling situation for the West Coast than the discredited tsunami wave-height map. The tsunami map shows the impact being distributed throughout the entire pacific, with South America getting the worst of it. The actual Fukushima radiation transport models show the contamination heading due east, directly to North America’s west coast. Here are a some examples (note that none of these models take into account the ongoing releases from Fukushima of hundreds of tons of contaminated water every day): (LINK: To Full Article + Images)

See also: Multiple marine scientists say Fukushima plume is at West Coast

Update: Polluted Water Dumped In Sea

Fukushima Operator Dumps 1,000 Tons Of Polluted Water In Sea
AFP [1]    September 19, 2013  |
The operator of the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday that it dumped more than 1,000 tons of polluted water into the sea after a typhoon raked the facility.

Typhoon Man-yi smashed into Japan on Monday, bringing with it heavy rain that caused flooding in some parts of the country, including the ancient city of Kyoto.

The rain also lashed near the broken plant run by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), swamping enclosure walls around clusters of water tanks containing toxic water that was used to cool broken reactors.

Some of the tanks were earlier found to be leaking contaminated water.

“Workers measured the radioactive levels of the water collected in the enclosure walls, pumping it back into tanks when the levels were high,” said a TEPCO official.

“Once finding it was mostly rain water they released it from the enclosure, because there is a limit on how much water we can store.”

The utility said about 1,130 tons of water with low levels of radiation — below the 30 becquerels of strontium per litre safety limit imposed by Japanese authorities — were released into the ground.

But the company also said at one site where water was found contaminated beyond the safety limit workers could not start the water pump quick enough in the torrential rain, and toxic water had leaked from the enclosure for several minutes.

Strontium is a potentially cancer-causing substance that accumulates in bones if consumed.

Thousands of tonnes of water that was poured on the reactors to tame meltdowns is being stored in temporary tanks at the plant, and TEPCO has so far revealed no clear plan for it.

The problem has been worsened by leaks in some of those tanks that are believed to have seeped into groundwater and run out to sea.

Separately, around 300 tonnes of mildly contaminated groundwater is entering the ocean every day having passed under the reactors, TEPCO says.

FYI: Fracking & Water Contamination

Exclusive: Censored EPA PA Fracking Water Contamination Presentation Published for First Time


DeSmogBlog has obtained a copy of an Obama Administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fracking groundwater contamination PowerPoint presentation describing a then-forthcoming study’s findings in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

Titled “Isotech-Stable Isotype Analysis: Determinining the Origin of Methane and Its Effets on the Aquifer,” the PowerPoint presentation concludes that in Cabot Oil and Gas’ Dimock Gesford 2 well, “Drilling creates pathways, either temporary or permanent, that allows gas to migrate to the shallow aquifer near [the] surface…In some cases, these gases disrupt groundwater quality.”

Other charts depict Cabot’s Gesford 3 and 9 wells as doing much of the same, allowing methane to migrate up to aquifers to unprecedented levels – not coincidentally – coinciding with the wells being fracked. The PowerPoint’s conclusions are damning.

“Methane is released during the drilling and perhaps during the fracking process and other gas well work,” the presentation states. “Methane is at significantly higher concentrations in the aquifers after gas drilling and perhaps as a result of fracking and other gas well work…Methane and other gases released during drilling (including air from the drilling) apparently cause significant damage to the water quality.”

Despite the findings, the official EPA desk statement concluded any groundwater contamination in Dimock was “naturally occurring.”

EPA found hazardous substances, specifically arsenic, barium or manganese, all of which are also naturally occurring substances, in well water at five homes at levels that could present a health concern,” read the EPA desk statement. “EPA has provided the residents with all of their sampling results and has no further plans to conduct additional drinking water sampling in Dimock.”

Two EPA whistleblowers recently approached the American Tradition Institute and revealed politics were at-play in the decision to censor the EPA’s actual findings in Dimock. At the heart of the cover-up was former EPA head Lisa Jackson.  (Read Full Article)

“Acceptable Limits?”

Pesticide Contaminated Lunch Kills 22 Children in India, Protests Spark


Twenty-two children are dead so far in the village of Dharmasati Gandaman, in India’s Bihar state. The cause is not some communicable disease or strange virus, but their school lunch. According to the BBC, the children all ate from the school’s free mid-day meal. Forty-seven fell ill and 28 had been taken to area hospitals.

The free-lunch program is designed to both combat hunger and increase school attendance in the poverty-stricken village. It’s referred to as the Mid-Day Meal and was started in 1925. But, critics say, it’s plagued by poor hygiene.

Following the deaths, protests broke out. Parents joined with protestors and at least four police vehicles were set on fire.

“The doctors who have attended are of the tentative opinion that the smell coming out of the bodies of the children suggests that the food contained organo-phosphorus, which is a poisonous substance,” said PK Shahi, the state education minister in a statement. “Now the investigators have to find out whether the organo-phosphorus was accidental or there was some kind of deliberate mischief.”

Organophosphorus is a type of insecticide. According to MedIndia.net, they are also used in chemical warfare and commonly associated with suicide in the area. Versions, like sarin, have been developed into nerve gases and are used in chemical attacks.

Interestingly, nearly all people are exposed to organophosphorus (OP) pesticides in their daily diet. Although one study published in Environmental Health Perspectives indicated organic produce could reduce exposure, it is one of those toxins that the EPA has set “acceptable limits” on. Obviously, the schoolchildren were delivered a far higher dosage than what would be deemed “acceptable” in a normal diet.

A senior education official surmises the contamination may have come from vegetables or rice in the lunch. A doctor treating some of the children says it could have been vegetable oil. In other words, no one quite knows.

Bihar is one of the poorest and simultaneously most-populated states in the country. The Mid-Day Meal program is the largest of its kind, serving about 120 million children.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of illness or food-poisoning to come from the program.

“The food is not being checked before it is being served,” said Shahi. “The scale at which the operation is carried out, serving food to 20 million children every day and that too in the remotest village schools, checking food before it is served—that itself is a challenge.

Link:  site-iconnationofchange.org/pesticide-contaminated-lunch-kills-22-children-india-protests-spark-1374156829

Lead With The Applesauce?

Would Your Baby Like Some Lead With Her Applesauce? And How About Some Arsenic in Your Beer?

April 10, 2013

Would Your Baby Like Some Lead With Her Applesauce? And How About Some Arsenic in Your Beer?

Oh, the unwanted things that creep into our food supply.

April 10, 2013

It may take a village (and some beer; more on that soon) to raise a child. But everyone living in that child-rearing hamlet will have a different opinion about how their charge should be raised. Take the topic of first solid foods. First, when to introduce then? Four months? Six months? The debated timeframe may be narrow, but it opens up enough space to pack in a philosophy or ten edgewise.

Oh, but what of the first food itself? Should it be gruel? Pureed peas? Roast chicken, pommes dauphines and a bottle of cru Beaujolais? You could make a case for them all (sort of), but the one thing you won’t find one arguing must absolutely, categorically, you’re-baby-won’t-get-into-college-if-you-don’t-feed-her-this pick to be your kid’s first bite is this: lead.

And yet, according to a report from the Associated Press, the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) is taking such baby-food makers as Gerber, Del Monte Food and Beech-Nut Nutrition to court in California over the undisclosed presence of low levels of lead in their products.

“[Makers of] baby foods and juices are selling products containing lead at levels that require warning labels under California Proposition 65, the Environmental Law Foundation asserts in the suit filed in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland,” AP reports.   (Read Full Article)

FYI: Radiation Poisoning Fukushima Model

Radiation Poisoning Fukushima Model: Cesium 137 Dispersal in Pacific

March 17, 2013
Forbidden Knowledge TV
Daily Videos from the Edges of Science

Fukushima Model: Cesium 137 Dispersal in Pacific
“Oh! I Wish They All Could Be California Girls”

Alexandra Bruce
February 20, 2013

Just in case folks on the West Coast of North America were wondering how the Fukushima disaster may be affecting your habitat over the next 10 years, here is a computer simulation, produced by the Heimholtz Center for Oceanographic Research in Germany.

It’s bad — but still not as bad as the present-day levels of radioactivity in the Baltic Sea, 36 years after the Chernobyl disaster…  (Learn more)

Nuclear Threat Within Non-Organic Food

The Invisible Nuclear Threat Within Non-Organic Food

Posted on: Saturday, November 10th 2012 at 4:15 am
Written by:

Sayer Ji, Founder

Beyond GMO-Free: Why We Can't Afford Not To Eat Organic

Whether you know it or or not, nuclear waste (cobalt-60) has been used for decades to make your food “safer.”

There is a profound misunderstanding in the mass market today about the value of certified organic food.  The question is not whether the 50% higher or more you pay at the register for an organic product is really worth the added vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content you receive.  Even though organic food does usually have considerably higher nutrient density, it is not always the positive quality of what it contains that makes it so special. Rather, it is what you know the organic food does not contain, or what has not happened to it on its journey to your table, that makes buying organic a no-brainer to the educated consumer.  Let me explain.

The FDA presently supports and actively promotes the use of cobalt-60 culled from nuclear reactors as a form of “electronic pasteurization” on all domestically produced conventional food. They claim it makes the food “safer.”1 The use of euphemisms like “food additive” and “pasteurization” to describe the process of blasting food with inordinately high levels of gamma radiation can not obviate the fact that the very same death rays generated by thermonuclear warfare to destroy life are now being applied to food to “make it safer.”  This sort of Orwellian logic, e.g. WAR is PEACE, is the bread and butter of State-sponsored industry propaganda, and also informs other ostensibly “humanitarian” applications of weapons of mass instruction such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Inconceivably High Amounts of Radiation Used To “Pasteurize” Your Food

This is not a hypochondriac’s ranting, as we aren’t talking here about small amounts of radiation.  The level of gamma radiation used starts at 1 kiloGray (equivalent to 16,700,000 chest x-rays or 333 times a human lethal dose) and goes all the way up to 30 kiloGray (500,000,000 chest x-rays or 10,000 times a human lethal dose).  The following table is a list of foods that are increasingly being “nuked” for your protection.

(Read Full Article)

Warning: Salmonella in Cantaloupes, Again!!

Salmonella in cantaloupes sickens 141, kills 2

August 18, 2012
By JoNel Aleccia, NBC News

Federal and state health officials are warning consumers not to eat cantaloupe grown in southwestern Indiana after an outbreak of salmonella food poisoning that has led to 141 illnesses and two deaths in 20 states.

At least 31 people have been hospitalized in connection with infections caused by salmonella Typhimurium tied to contaminated melons, the Centers for Disease Control reported late Friday. Illnesses have been reported from July 7 to Aug. 4, although those that occurred after July 26 may not be included yet.

Investigators said cantaloupes grown in the southwestern Indiana region were the likely source of the outbreak. Kentucky laboratory officials isolated the outbreak strain from two melons collected at a retail location in that state. The deaths were reported in Kentucky.

Officials are continuing to investigate whether other types of melons may also be linked to the outbreak, the CDC said. Officials with the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration did not identify an Indiana farm where the suspect cantaloupes were grown, the distributors who handled them or the stores where the melons were sold. However, they said the farm in question has agreed to suspend sales for the rest of the growing season.

Fifty of the illnesses caused by the outbreak strain were confirmed in Kentucky, 17 were logged in Illinois and 13 in Indiana. Other states recorded fewer illnesses, with nine in Missouri; seven each in Alabama and Iowa; six each in Michigan and Tennessee; three each in Arkansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina; two each in California, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and one each in Georgia, New Jersey and Texas.

The outbreak comes a year after listeria-tainted cantaloupe grown in Colorado sickened at least 147 people and led to at least 30 deaths.

Earlier this month, Burch Farms, a North Carolina cantaloupe grower, recalled cantaloupe and honeydew melons because of listeria contamination.

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